Medical Imaging Technology
Operation Theatre Technology
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Shalamar School of Allied Health Sciences (SSAHS)

The Shalamar School of Allied Health Sciences (SSAHS) is our most recent medical education school established in 2015. It is affiliated with the University of Health Sciences (UHS) it offers programs in 5 disciplines. The students are being trained by competent healthcare professionals who have extensive experience in education and are some of the best in their respective subjects. SSAHS is committed to striving for excellence, integrity, diversity, and academic freedom.


To provide our students with the knowledge and skills to excel as health practitioners and fulfill the ethical considerations of their profession.


Shalamar School of Allied Health Sciences establishes a reputable institute with state-of-the-art facilities drawing upon the experienced faculty and creating a student body recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in health sciences.

Collaboration with MAHSA University, Malaysia

  • Faculty and staff exchange programs
  • Student exchange programs
  • Research Collaboration
  • Conferences and symposiums
  • 15 Permanent Faculty
  • 34 Student Research Projects

130 total graduates

9 out of the 12 UHS top score positions in 2020

14 Positions in 2022

9 Positions in 2018

29 Positions in 2021

16 Positions in 2019

314 Female, 56 Male Graduates to date

Doctor Of Physical Therapy

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Medical Imaging Technology

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Operation Theatre Technology

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Optometry & Orthoptics

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