Dr. Arslan Saleem

Specialty: Biostatistics
Department Affiliation: Shalamar School of Allied Health Sciences

Professional Summary

Mr. Arslan Saleem Chughtai completed his Masters from College
of statistical and Actuarial Sciences, University of the Punjab Pakistan

in 2009 and to advances the Education in 2019 by completing his M. Phil degree from
University of Sargodha, Sargodha. As
a trainee he was selected and completed internships in National internship
Program (NIP) in Department of
Health, Secretariat
and Directorate
General Health Punjab
(2011) followed by Punjab Youth Internship Program (2012).

his early carrier(2011-2012) he become part of Asian Development Bank
(ADB) project and for short period of time served as Sorting Officer (BPS-16) in Examination of Department, University
of health Sciences (UHS), Pakistan

2013 to 2021 he was teaching in reputed organizations like Rashid Latif Medical College, Lahore and University of Lahore, Lahore School of
Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lahore

Currently he is serving as Senior Lecture
Biostatistics in Shalamar School of Allied Health Sciences.     

Academic Profile

  • M.Phil. Statistics
    University of Sargodha
  • M.Sc. Biostatistics
    University of the Punjab
  • B.Sc. (Zoo. Bot. Chem.)
    Govt. College Township, Lahore
  • Research Associate
    Dec 2010 – Apr 2011
    Asian Development Bank
  • Statistical Officer
    Jun 2013 – Oct 2017
    DME, Rashid Latif Medical College
  • Senior Lecturer
    Oct 2017 – Feb 2019
    UIPT, University of Lahore
  • Statistical Officer/ Senior Lecturer
    Mar 2019 – Jul 2021
    DME, Rashid Latif Medical College
  • Senior Lecturer
    Jul 2021 – to date
    Shalamar School of Allied Health Sciences, Lahore

Conferences & Workshops Attended

  • 7th International Conference on world statistics day, Oct 2010
  • 3rd International Conference statistical science, Nov 2010
  • Medical writing, April 2014
  • Research Methodology, April 2015
  • Pitfalls in MCQs Development, March 2017
  • Teaching Believes, March 2017
  • Development of MCQs, May 2017
  • MCQs Design, May 2017
  • Mendeley Presentation, Dec 2017
  • Meta-Analysis Introduction and Application, April 2018
  • Qualitative Research methodology & Data Analysis using NVivo12, Jan 2019
  • Systematic Review And Literature Search With Live Demonstration, Jan 2021
  • Qualitative Research And Analysis Through N-Vivo Software, Jan 2021
  • Medical Writing, Jan 2021
  • The Qualitative Research, Jan 2021
  • Qualitative Data Analysis Using SPSS, Dec 2021
  • How to Get Publication in Impact Factor Journals and Boost your Publications through PubMed and Google Scholar, Jan 2022
  • How to use Innovative Techniques in Teaching; Qualitative Analysis with QDA Lite, Jan 2022

Workshops Conducted

  • Standard Settings in Examination, April 2017
  • Scientific Writing using different software, 2020
  • Reference citation in research writing using reference manager, Nov, 2021
  • Basic Research Skills of Citation Management using EndNote and Data Analysis using SPSS, Dec 2022

Research & Publications

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·       Secretary,
Academic Council, Shalamar School of Allied health Sciences

·       Member,
Institutional Review Board, Shalamar School of Allied health Sciences

·       Member,
Institutional Financial Committee, Shalamar School of Allied health Sciences

·       Member,  Institutional Research Committee, Shalamar
School of Allied health Sciences

·       Biostatistician, Journal of Avicenna Medical College